29. November 2023
Running Europe - Sponsored by Nature
334,5 Kilometres and 18,543 metres of elevation, running through Europe. Exploring Trails, Mountains and visiting Friends from Norway, over the Alps to Corsica. Some stories, some thoughts, some memories…some footsteps nothing more but nothing less!
30. Juli 2020
River Whispers from the Mata-au (Clutha river) Ki uta ki tai (From the Mountains to the Sea) - Another time on this beautiful playground, called Earth. Today, the waterslide :). I’m proud and thankful to be probably the first person, who SUP’ed the Clutha river (NZ second longest river, biggest river by volume and longest river of the wild South Island in winter (June 20 20). A good life lesson, I learned a lot from. Kia ora!
24. Juli 2020
Rakiura - Island of Glowing Skies
15. Mai 2020
Ayudarme A Book from ME For YOU For FREE - It just cost TIME Written by the BEAUTY & LOVE of LIFE A book about Mistakes, Fear, Hope, Believe, Courage, Depression, Life & Death, Friends, Love, Trust and Nature. 10.000$ GIVE AWAY for Reading ;) My first book :) I wrote this book not with the intention to write it for You! I wrote it for ME. It helped me to find myself, made me ask, living, thinking, meditating, reflecting and learning more about myself and this world and it's wonders. It...
15. Mai 2020
Words. Listening. Discussion. Learning.
13. Mai 2020
Adventure. Fear. Life. Death "A lifetime is so little a time that we die before we get ready to live." (John Muir) Adventure Do epic shit! (Token Queen of Pottery) There is no certainty. There is only Adventure. Adventures are when plans fall apart, when things go wrong, when you have to react, be creative, feeling vulnerable, be spontaneous, when things are uncertain, and when you have hopefully a good story to tell afterwards. Adventures are the little time of unknown, but what do I say. Life...
11. Mai 2020
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11. Mai 2020
11. Mai 2020
Courage - The Power of One/The Power of Choice Risk it for the biscuit! Be the change you want to see in the world! (M. Ghandi). It's not important to be strong but to feel strong (Into the wild/world ;) Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself (L. Tolstoy) You haven't lived until you've found a cause for dying! (J. Muir) I would rather die a meaningful death than to live a meaningless life! (Corazon Aquino) How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single...
11. Mai 2020
Money, Money, Money Time - What is time!

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