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it's not helping me or you BUT share or send me a message with your dreams, plans, thoughts, favourite book, film, music so I can learn and grow.

I have had 5 depressive month in NZ to learn again about life and myself and could have post everyday a beautiful picture to make you jealous and me happy for a short moment.

But these are my 4 favourite one.

1. Carpe diem
I could have gone to this place everyday but it took me 5 month but every day is a new chance. Sun goes down and rises again and every day is a gift.
Kea's: A Metaphor for life. They can sit next to you looking at you and think, not as a beautiful bird but then one moment they open their colourful wings and just play and enjoy the moment.

2. Be yourself, be crazy but take your time to rest.
Festival New Year
Everyone is doing something special, so as I. 6 cans redbull. I didn't really enjoyed it tried my best and felt more exhausted after.

3. FRIENDS/Family
Always there for me to talk to share to help me when I needed them.
My birthday. A cookie party because its me. I was thinking to bake my favourite cookies but didn't know where in the end a friend brought some cookies for me because I wasn't able to do. Other friends baked cookies without having time to show up and without being friends for long time.
Thankful for everyone and every shared moment.


I enjoyed this, after 40 km beautiful trails, just this small moment of small things.
A tree shows life. Standing with his roots and keeps growing. Sometimes slow sometimes faster. A mushroom symbolizes protection for what you love.

Nothing of this is new and we all know about it but sometimes we forget and life has to remind us to just be and breath.

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