Dream it !

Dream it is and Crowd Adventure project initiated by TogetherAloneTours to motivate you and others to Dream your Adventures out loud and share them. Unfortunately, money can be an additionally motivation. Paying a small amount is not only a commitment to yourself, like an application for an marathon or other competition but also helpful or a motivation for others. It is also a crowdfunding project! Crowdfunding is working for so many ideas why shouldn't it work for the most important things - our dreams and investment in our life experience! To make the lottery somehow valuable for you I put in 100 $, and some other discounts for races, I earned volunteering for 10 days. However, feel free to support by donating any amount, adventures are worth for you. Suggestion: 5.69$ (a box of cookies) Thanks for being part of this dream project!

How to take part:

1. Fill out the Google Form

2. Please take part in the Dream it Crowdfunding project by donating.
3. Please like TogetherAloneTours on FB and share your adventures and this project - Thanks!

4. The projects, adventurers and pictures will potrayed and presented until Christmas (24th of Dec.) and everyone can vote for an adventure and a picture until 31st of December.
5. Winners will be chosen by the crowd voting and by lottery to make it fair for everyone ;).
6. Paricipants present/share their stories to motivate other people for more adventures!

Dream it! project - Why I do I initiate this project?

Dream it! is a crowd funding adventure project to encourage you to dream, write down, do, and share your adventure dream.

 No company or tour guide can create or know the perfect  adventure for you better than yourself, so be creative and dream out loud. In 2017, I was lucky enough to do exactly that. I created the first RockyMountainsIronman. The plan was to swim in Lake Louise, ride the Icefield Parkway and run the Skyline Parkway. To write my idea down, share it and finally even get a grant from the Next Challenge trally motivated me to follow this dream. You can read my blog about it here: https://thenextchallenge.org/ironman-candian-rockies/-

However, there are only a few supports for adventures and most of them are restricted to a nationality or one specific sport.

I like to make it totally open for everyone and any adventure related project. It can be a run, a surf, a climbing, hiking or whatever project - just fill out the google form and I think it really helps to write down your goals.

To make it more attractive  and a promise for yoursef, I ask you for a crowd donation of 5$. All the donations going in a pot. I will share your adventures and in the end all of you will choose which adventure will be supported but to make it exciting for others we will also have a lottery for another adventure.

I hope sharing and reading about your and other adventures insires you as much as other adventure inspire me!

To make it attractive from the beginning on, I decided to donate 100 NZ $ (60 €, just because I am in NZ at the moment) and also add  a coupon voucher for the Pitz Alpine Glacier Trail  (probabaly one of the most technical and beautiful trail races in Europe) for which I volunteered 3 days at the Innsbruck Alpine Trail Festival. (A short Blog about Volunteering you can find here: Volunteers - The silent heroes behind your race!

I don't do it, because I have too much money. I do and create this project because this company is my longtime dream adventure. I get inspired by every single one of your andventures and I think it's a good thing. To create this project, I paid with the most valuable thing we all have: With my time! I had a lot of fun volunteering and working, so it already paid off for me and I feel lucky to put it in the pot.

On the other hand, it truly is my "marketing strategy"

I could spend the 100$ and more in FB or other advertising to reach out and find new followers and customers but then I would just pay another big company. Instead, I want invest the money directly in dreams, so I ask you in exchange to please help me to follow and share this project and your adventure dreams - it's a crowd project and can just grow with your help! I hope it encourage you to go this way with me from the first step.

Thank you so much!