Redwood Trail, Northern California
Redwood Trail, Northern California

The vision is to create active adventure travels and being a sustainable role model company.

TogetherAloneTours wants to create unforgettable adventure travel experiences.

Multi -Day adventure race character travelling without being in a race or event but experience limits with friends.


Why you should do multi-day travel adventures instead of one single main event.

Most athletes are training for one single main event to perform best on this single day. TogetherAloneTours has the idea to train to be fit for adventures not on a  single day and not to compete but rather to be fit to explore your limits and pushing together with others to explore and be.

What are you paying for?

Sport events like Ironman and other special events becoming ingcredible  expensive. For some of the entry  fees  you could easily going for  a long vacation - here we are :).
You paying for your trip, for your guide trips cost, the guides salary and the marketing and the additional cost  (sleeping in a tent or a hotel) are chosen by yourself.  TogetherAloneTours main part is to connect you with other friends on the trip. That's it. You're not paying  for a company image name, agents, closing roads etc., or  advertisments.

Why travel with us?

TogetherAloneTours want to be different.
The biggest differnce is that we want to do the tours we offer ourself, so the guides create and leads the tour and is your contact person. No agent between. 
You're paying for what you get, because it should be like that but often it isn't anymore. For a lot of sport events or travel tours we pay but if we are injured, we're paying without getting any exchange  - that's not fair!