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A Book from ME For YOU


For FREE - It just cost TIME


Written by the BEAUTY & LOVE of LIFE


 A book about Mistakes, Fear, Hope, Believe, Courage, Depression, Life & Death, Friends, Love, Trust and Nature.

10.000$ GIVE AWAY for Reading ;)


My first book :)
I wrote this book not with the intention to write it for You!

I wrote it for ME. It helped me to find myself, made me ask, living, thinking, meditating, reflecting and learning more about myself and this world and it's wonders. It helped me and I hope, it helps you too or at least let you think and wonder a bit.


It’s a gift and I would be honoured and grateful if you take the time to read it and maybe even discuss it with me or someone else, because good books are made to think about them and discuss them.

I know your time is very valuable. There are a hundred better things to read in a book. Work, cook, eat, FB, Instagram postings, hanging out with friends, a movie night, adventures and so on but if you find some time between for some chapters -That would be amazing!


I know that money can sometimes be quite a good extrinsic factor and motivation, so I thought it would be a fun project and idea to put some money in the pot, to see if it motivates You to read a book ;)


Why do I spend this money for this book?


It feels right for me and I believe in this book and in You!

I have not really any other idea or desire to invest my money in right now and have everything I need, so that money is just laying around. I tried to have a car and it just drives me crazy to drive around alone instead of going with friends. I don’t need a house, I like to move and being flexible and to camp or chill out with friends or get invited or be in a hostel or helping on a farm.


I've been blessed and I’m really grateful for the situation I have been born in and for all my life so far! I inherited this money from my grandfather, so I didn’t work for it and didn't need it for the last 5 years and it was spending the time useless in a bank account. I heard, you should get rid of things you didn't use for such a long time - Simplicity!


So, the book and your opinion and thoughts about it are way more interesting and valuable for me than money. If you have a good or bad opinion or even if you think I’m crazy - everything has a value for me and I can learn from it as an author and human and just like a good discussion. Student’s pay for these discussions when they study philosophy or something. Almost everyone likes to share their experiences and photos and thoughts, that’s why social media are so successful, but a like or a short comment is not really a statement or a discussion. So, this book is nothing different, just sharing some thoughts I’ve had during lockdown and I would love to hear your opinion and to discuss.


I'm also blessed that I studied in Germany and didn't have to pay huge student loans like in other Western countries and have no debts.

I calculated that I’ve stillI spent more time and money into university and for a degree, while learning less than writing this book, which is another good point for investing in this book, because education should be universal and be available for everyone.


I'm young and able to work and actually find joy in most of the jobs I do or did, which is also pretty grateful for, because I have always been able to choose and apply for jobs I like to do and not which I have to do. Sometimes/often I actually like the work I do and not particular counting the hours till it’s done which means having joy in work. A good team and working outside and learning something new and providing me enough money to live a simple life at the moment is all I actually need.


Am I crazy to give money away for free?
Maybe. Maybe trustful and full of faith. I just a try to make it a bit different, while everyone around me seems to be more and more focused on money and on governmental trust and focusing on the media and so on, even more than before, I think I try it the other way around and to share my things to connect and trust friends a bit more than others. Before you judge me or you don’t understand it, please read the book and maybe talk to me or even meet up :), always open and happy to talk about points. It would be a pleasure to meet old friends or strangers, who have read my book and my thoughts and I would really appreciate discussing different viewpoints and opinions.

I think it’s unfortunately becoming more and more unusual to share money for ideas, but it’s basically just a credit and trusting in others and helping others if they need help.

 So, in that perspective it was normal and I also kind of believe that energy and money never get lost completely, it's just transformed or exchanged into something. Food, accommodation, clothes, work, a project - an exchange.



I also do not really donate the money! For me it's an investment


An investment in myself, and my viewpoints, in helping friends or strangers who need it more than I right now but maybe help me if I need accommodation or food. In ideas and projects I may not even know or can think about right now. Or an investment in animals, nature and other humans. In a better world, in the future, and in a dream. Just investing money to get more money out of it or build another new thing is pretty criticized and also a bit lame in my viewpoint. Money is defined as a medium of exchange, so for me it's basically an exchange into the unknown. Who knows what surprises are waiting? Definitely more surprises, if I would just invest the money myself or put it on a bank account or in a product.


“Donating” this money is also advertising, because I have no idea about advertising but to give it to someone so he gives it to someone, so FB puts a picture up and people see it, seems to be too many steps for me. In the end you put money into something, so other people share it. These other people don't have to be agencies, they could be friends or YOU if you like it. And if all the ideas are wrong and the money's gone in the end and I’m poor. It’s just an experience and I can work for new money or I meet really cool people, get connected and make new experiences and it opens new opportunities which would be a dream. All I know is that it would take me longer and cost probably a lot,l and would annoy me more to find an editor and advertise my book, so this seems like a fun way and I heard sometimes you just earn anyways just a dollar for a sold book and authors don’t get rich and maybe I become famous to become the first author giving away money for selling, just to adapt a bit to this crazy world and in the end I don’t like to get money by friends anyways and as more I give as more I get back normally.

“Born to share”


Am I rich?


Yes! I am, because I'm born in Germany. I've never felt hunger, I've had a roof above my head, I was able to go to school and to study without any debts and I'm free and able to travel the world and basically do what I want. I'm rich because I have a lot of friends I can trust and talk to. I'm by definition in the richest 10% or something like that of the world population just by being born in anIndustrial country.


No! By definition in Germany I'm not rich. I never earned more than 15.000 € a year while working in Germany which is basically by definition under the poverty line. I worked in most of my jobs around the minimum wage. I have no house, no car and no solid job. I have no credit worthiness. I'm by definition poor in Germany and in NZ, where I am at the moment.



How does it work? How do I get the money?


Sorry for the disappointment but it's like always an exchange.


1. I would really appreciate it if you read my book and it takes time, but it took me way more time to write it ;)

2. I would love to hear a feedback, just because out of interest

 3. This money is not for you! It's for something/someone who you really think needs or can do something good with this money and who or which project is most important for you . Just write me the amount you think this book is worth for you. Also, I don't like to lose transfer money, so Paypal for sending the money is preferred. I also don't like to spend my money for big organizations where it works a lot for the administration but for small grass root ideas, actions or companies, where it really helps and can have an impact.



About the book:


This book has nothing new in it. It's just a reminder about what we anyways know and what I think and feel sometimes, and I hope most of us feel similar. I actually think most of the good books, movies, music and quotes focus on the same points of human desires and thoughts. So, I just wrote honestly down my dreams, thoughts, desires and experiences and mixed them up with some smart quotes, entertaining short stories, facts, inspirations, conversations and jokes to make it all a bit more entertaining..



What makes this book different?


Of course, whenever we are doing something we’re trying to do something special, unique and different. I’m not thinking my book is better than any other book but I tried to write it a bit different from the norm.

  1. Instead of paying money for it, I give "you" money for it, because I think it's a pleasure and honour for me, that you are taking your valuable time to read my thoughts.
  2. It has no setted chapters and you can read it in any sequence you like. I'm not even sure if it's finished yet.
  3. It has mistakes in it and not really a great layout and I'm proud of it. English is not my native language, which is no excuse. But if you find a mistake please don't take it as a reason to make me down or criticize me but to lift me up and correct my mistake to improve me as a human and you as a person and to help to make this book a little bit better. I also think that we shouldn't overvalue mistakes. They're part of a process and life and as long as it doesn't change the sense and the message. it's not a big deal.
  4. This book is a team project and it's not only written/typed by me but also by friends and it's a subjective perspective and always open to change if someone in this book doesn't like the perspective or pictures of them. It’s a processed book.
  5. It's a shared project book. Some chapters are not even ready yet, because I asked friends to write them down for me. I also have the goal and hope to translate the book into other languages just using the ressources I have, so the knowledge and different language skills of friends and also feel more than free to share it with a friend you think might help him/her a bit.

"Happiness is only real when shared" (Into the World )



Goal of the Book and the project


"Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth"


― Henry David Thoreau, Walden & Into the wild



The only goal of the book is to make the world a little bit better to make you think and feel, to get you outside or connect you to a friend by sharing this book or talking. If this book is helping or encouraging or connecting someone by reading it, I'm more than happy and honored and it's already worth all the money and time and it is also a great way to express myself, because we have way to less deep conversations with friends while sitting around a campfire nowadays.


About me


I'm a human on this beautiful planet and kind of a "Lost Soul" looking for the purpose of life, like most of us, especially during this interesting time. I had strong depression just a few months ago, so I guess I'm a little bit crazy and weird too and had just too much free time during the lockdown to think, research, read and write.


But right now I'm happy and grateful for the depression I’ve had and the lessons I learned and the Friends who supported me during that time. I learned that I'm not alone and that talking the truth and about your feelings really helps and that almost everyone has worries in their life. It's not a problem but a chance, showing us our mistakes, we have to work on and be open to others.


I’m very lucky! I'm in Aotearoa/New Zealand and the Covid 19 situation here is not as bad as in other countries and the lockdown was quite relaxed for me and I’ve had a wonderful time.I have been 7 weeks or so in a beautiful hostel with amazing friends around me and was able to do some sport, to write, to watch movies, to play games, to learn and grow.


I can honestly say, that I haven't had any worried or regretful second during the lockdown and just felt pure happiness and joy.


But I also know that I wouldn't have survived this period, if I would have been still in my depression during this time and would have been in real self-isolation, which makes me even more grateful. That is the situation in many other countries and for many other people and unfortunately mostly for the poorest and weakest, for those who have nothing anyways. This time is just horrible and I can't imagine being in their situation. I'm blessed for my situation, so that I just want to help somehow to make the world a bit better again with what I can do. Giving some money away and writing a book is a pretty easy way for me and doesn’t hurt me but makes it an experience..

The Covid-level situation in Aotearoa is down on level 2, which means I can enjoy nature to the fullest again and live my adventure outdoor dreams.


I've put all my heart and soul and love and work in this book and I know that I have a lot of expectations in this book to change this world to a better place again, because this virus gives us as humans a sign and the chance to change our way of living.


I would always wait and expect reactions to this book and dream and whoever reads this book needs first of all time to read it and hopefully to think about it.


So, I decided to go for a while Into Nature and follow my dreams without always looking at my phone just because all the news and messages make me crazy.


"And then we are sitting quiet; looking into the sky up to the stars, the horizon of the sea listening the waves, the snowy unreachable tops of the mountains in the sunset feeling the cold of the night coming, smelling the moisture of the forest in the spring and listening to the singing birds and the splashing small, little river.


These are the moments when we are wondering what this all means, who we are, and why are we here and what is the purpose of life? Just to forget it again..."


SHARING IS CARING -More than ever!


Looking forward to getting in touch with you and hear about project donation ideas and friends all over the world, suggested by friends :).


Let's connect to help each other!


We are all ONE


Be Happy

Be Kind

Be Honest

Be Outside

Be Loved





I hope you enjoy reading the book :):









 Donated/Invested Money and Reactions so far:


 So far, I always get something back, when I’ve invested money with a cause. I didn’t exchange it for money but sometimes for some happiness a good feeling, a gift, the future hope, in growing trees, in animals, in something good to read, in projects of others and in surprises. I’m excited to continue the list and to share my experience with you :).

  • schnurstracks Adventure park: Working place back in home in Germany. An enormous Thank You from my boss and friend and the hope that when I'm coming back I will still have a great place to work, with an awesome team!
  • Giving some money to a friend in Ecuador, who directly asked me for it, because he had an accident and needs it more than I do at the moment but with the promise to help me translating this book and always being welcomed and having a friend in Ecuador
  • Buying a present/Greenstone locally in Wanaka. A friend asked for another good friend. Now I'm wearing it proudly and having one of these greenstones. It gave me a wonderful story, experience, a day and some really cool new friends here.
  • A bit of money in The Guardian newspaper, to invest in independent media and media culture.
  • Investing some money and time in tree planting projects and companies, like ForestFinance and Plant for the Planet.
  • A bit money in Avaaz to help the fight against hunger in most of the development countries, which is even more than ever before, due to Corona (https://www.theguardian.com/global-development/2020/apr/21/coronavirus-pandemic-will-cause-famine-of-biblical-proportions)
  • Supporting the OrangUtan project, because they are pretty close related to us and almost pretty helpless animals who basically just want to live a free happy life in nature instead of being prisoned (https://www.orangutan.org.au/)
  • Yellowstone to Yukon Y2Y to protect the Great Outdoors of the North (https://y2y.net/)
  • Our Sea our Future - New Zealand Shark Alliance to save our unknown oceans
  • A Cookie for a Homeless to make me Happy
  • Investing/Donating into a crowdfunding film project of Green Renaissance, because I love their movies and idealism without actually knowing them but they have just a positive vibe and wow I'm invited to filmmakers in South Africa just by donate some money and writing some kind words





WOW. We are bowled over. I almost fell off my chair this morning when I logged into my emails to see your donation via PayPal. That is so incredibly generous of you. I can promise that every single dollar will go straight back into our filmmaking projects. And will be a HUGE help to help keep these stories flowing.

I really do wish that we had the opportunity to meet up while we were in NZ last year. But I know that our paths will cross one day. Please know that if you ever find your way to South Africa, there is a warm bed, healthy meals, and lots of laughs here that we can share here with you.

And please do keep us updated as your film project unfolds. We’d love to follow your adventure.

Thanks again, from the bottom of our hearts, for your belief in our journey, and your support of our work.

It’s great to have you as a part of our little ‘family’."

We can all do good and help to make the world a little bit better every single day, not only by money but also by words or actions of kindness!

It doesn’t hurt!





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  • #1

    Annika (Donnerstag, 21 Mai 2020 00:12)

    Thank you for writing this book Hajo. It’s some really amazing stories in there. Continue your good work. God Bless you!

  • #2

    L konteh (Montag, 03 Mai 2021 02:10)

    My best Takeaways from your book
    -Because good books are made to think about them and discuss them.
    -You should get rid of things you didn't use for such a long time - Simplicity!
    - Education should be universal and be available for everyone.
    -Energy and money never get lost completely, it's just transformed or exchanged into something
    - "Happiness is only real when shared" (Into the World )
    - Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth"

  • #3

    Gerd Fehlbaum (Sonntag, 08 August 2021 03:49)

    Meine Geier! Du bist ein extrem inspirierender Typ! Was Du da schreibst, haut mich fast vom Hocker, Hajo! Klar werde ich Dein Buch lesen! Ich kann es nicht erwarten... Wer so klar und ohne Umwege komplett ungewoehnliche Gedanken schreiben kann, interessiert mich brennend...
    War mir irgendwie schnell klar, dass Du ein kluger Kopf bist, aber dass Du auch so elementsare Grundsaetze vrerinnerlichst, merke ich erst jetzt. See you later! Gerd der Seefahrer