Sea. Ocean. Unknown. Unexplored. Sharks. Death


Nowhere is the horizon further, the sunset longer, the quietness louder.


Oceans. The ocean covers over 70% of the Earth's surface, and over 90% of the Earth's biosphere, less than 20% of the oceans have been mapped. Yesterday, we celebrated Earth Day! The ocean is the unknown, unexplored and misunderstood part of our earth. Some people have done a sailing voyage, and have seen the upper surface of this mysterious world.


I'm not born at the sea, I've never lived there for long, I'm not a sailor, not a surfer, not a diver. Still, if I come there and see you and listen to you, I feel calm and home and I feel a deep desire to listen and feel.


 A recent post from a friend made me really sad. He posted it during the lockdown, one day before Earth Day showing a boat filled with a lot of dead baby hammerhead sharks - "Catch of the day Hammerhead shark. That alone is sad enough. They bought 14 baby sharks for 5$.


What is a life worth?


Sharks are kind of the humans in their world, they have almost no predators. We fear and celebrate them. 400 million years old, thousands of species. Hammerhead sharks get around 15 babies per year and can get 25 to 35 years old. By buying these sharks we are not fishing and eating an endangered species but also killing all the babies of an amazing creature.


Comments: "Enjoy dude.", "Damn cool", " Well..i am totally against killing them! Actually i was like WTF is that hammerhead shark... but they were dead anyway.. and i know that they don't throw the fish back in the ocean.. i mean even if i don't buy it and no one buys it they wouldn't stop catching it. So i was like fOk it .. lets eat some fish .. ", " you had 15 sharks for 5 dollars ??".


What we eat is our choice and always a statement. We have more time than ever before to think about how we want to live in the future! These sharks would have had almost a human life ahead. Instead of us they are not destroying everything around them. They're not the killer, killing everything around them just for fun. Maybe they have more soul than we, Homo sapiens, maybe they're more sustainable.



"Tavaha" is a nordic expression for taking care of the ocean, and is a short documentary about Simen Knudsens perspective on plastic pollution and why he contributes (


Another beautiful film about surfing and bipolar disorder is the documentary about Andy Iron (Foundation: "Kissed by God" (


"The ocean washes away the ills of mankind, and surfing soothes the soul."


Never have been our oceans in more danger!


“BLUE is a cinematic song for our oceans; beautiful, intimate and grand. Fearlessly truth-telling, yet passionately hopeful. See this film and you will want to rise up with the waves.”


BLUE - The film:


The Ocean Nature's Speak:


Ocean Film Tour:


One breath around the world:


The Flipflopi:


Stand UP film: A beautiful film about the Canadian First Nation, SUP boarding and to Stand up for your rights

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