Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony

(L. Tolstoy).


"If you see someone without a smile, give him one of yours!"


"Peace begins with a smile (Mother Teresa)


If you want to be happy, be (Leo Tolstoy).


Happiness is to enjoy the little things in life.


Happiness is only real if shared (Into the wild)


What makes you happy?


After taking pictures of little smilies over the last couple of years I finally put it all together and made my own Happiness board:

Wind. Snow. Rain. Sun. Night. Stars. Sunrises. Stones. Trees. Animals. Plants. Water. NATURE.Being Outside.

Adventures. Gifts/Treasures. Colours. Mistakes. Surprises. Freedom.

FRIENDS. Talking. Family. Camp Fires. Playing. Sharing. Come Together. Happiness is only real if shared.

Swimming. Cycling. Climbing. Flying. Running. Walking. Exploring. Travelling Dancing. Surfing. Handcrafts. Meditation. Yoga. Breathing. Cooking. Eating Good Food. Listening. Watching. Reading. Writing. Recycling. Art. Learning. ACTIVITIES.

IMAGINE. Inspiration. Motivation. Doing. Courage. Curiosity. Creativity. Culture. Thinking. Smiling. DREAMS. TRUTH.

Don't worry be happy or HAKUNA MATATA


Be Alive in a Beautiful World living a Day.

A friend, Lieze, painted me a picture when I was depressed to always remind me to Never regret. We never regret what we do but what we don't do. Try, make mistakes, try again. Be perfectly imperfekt. Never, ever die in a chair (Chadd Wright). Yesterday's history. Tomorrow's mystery. So live for today.

Another friend, Ryan, painted me another picture with plum colours saying LOV. Always choose Love and Hope over Fear.

Be happy. It's more fun :)



Disney Movies (https://www.disney.com.au/) are actually amazing showing the truth and the happy things of life if you watch them with some fantasy and kid’s eyes.


Lately, I watched: The Lion's king, Spirit - The Wild Mustang, Frozen, Mulan and lately Onward, showing exactly the boring world we live in right now at the beginning, while for magic you have to believe in yourself and be honest etc. They all have these beautiful hidden meanings for Happiness in Life!

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