Yoga - Just breathe and do what feels good

Yoga & Meditation - Just breathe and do what feels good for you!


"It's not about being good at something. It's about being good to yourself."


Yoga is for a lot of people quite a story, especially for guys. "Girls always develop a little bit faster in school and are 2 years or so ahead", my mother said to me when I was young.


Yoga? No, I'm an awkward, stiff triathlete. Ok, professional triathletes, climbers and everyone else is doing it and/or of course a little bit meditation and/or Wim Hof breathing.


And then there is the rest of us. Going in a studio with only cool sporty girls and blaming yourself for trying to stretch a bit. No way!


My first Yoga minutes were teached by Nele, a Yoga obsessed girlfriend of one of my best old school friends. She first talked about her Yoga session that day and a nice story about a guy there and how Yoga and trusting her made his day a bit better. However, in the end she teached me and Felix, my friend, a 5 min downward facing dog position. Five minutes were enough for the next 6 month.


Yoga was everywhere in Wanaka. Friends went to the gym and yoga sessions and sauna after. I was depressed and not even good in running, a sport I was normally good in, so yoga was no option.


It got worse and took to the time till another friend, Maria, a certified yoga teacher, in the hostel offered to teach her first yoga class outside the hostel. Surrounded and pushed by friends, accompanied by other friends who never did yoga, I did my first full yoga class and felt just great and like walking on a rainbow after it.A first really good feeling after being numb for a long time. I did some yoga, breathing meditation the next weeks for myself and visited other yoga classes and watched online courses, because you have to find your teacher, who is doing it right for you, a friend suggested.


I've ever had this rainbow feeling from my first session again, but I also never felt bad after it.


Lockdown in the same hostel, I've had my first yoga session but unfortunately Maria and my other yogis were all gone. I did my breathing, yoga and meditation at the same place like then. A beautiful view on the lake, some birds singing. One day Liza and Oliva, two new friends joined for a bit of yoga.


In the group, we decided to do some yoga from now on every day at midday. It never worked out.


Instead we have had a big yoga class in front of the TV. A yoga teacher from New York teached us Yoga from a TV, inside. I would lie, if I would say I like it and it corresponds with my idea of yoga at the moment. I joined for a few parts and exit for other parts to write but that's yoga as well, choose what is good for you.


The other day, we finally practiced some yoga outside, five of us and my first lesson as a yoga teacher after 3 month as a yoga student but in the end yoga is easy. Just do what feels good!


Not sure if I invented a new way of yoga but I haven't seen it before, so let's call it SharingYoga :). It's correspondence with my philosophy "together alone", that we always can learn from others and it makes more to share and teach instead of just one person doing something.


I started with some yoga but the others have had more experience, so whenever someone has had a good idea or pose to add or wanted to teach for 5 minutes, we changed and had a new teacher and a new way of yoga explanation putting me into the back. Somehow, I finished with a Wim Hof breathing, just because some didn't know about it and during the session we talked and laughed about it. I finally had this rainbow walking feeling, like after my first session again and also learned to maybe include Wim Hof into my yoga and maybe sharing yoga, outside in a group of friends, with some singing birds on the gras and under a blue sky is the ultimate form of yoga for me. But I'm still super excited to learn from others and my friend and first yoga teacher Nele (theartyoga) is creating a yoga video I'm gonna watch and try because in the end it's yoga and I can always learn something new and will always feel better afterwards.


Some words of my friend Morgan, I found in her post a week after our yoga class and it made me smile.


"Day 3: A friend offered to lead an evening yoga class. Here's what I appreciated most about it: I was reminded to soak in the sun's warmth and light. I was told more than once to listen to what the birds have to say. We all had a chance to take a turn as instructor and share what felt right with no judgement. I heard gratitude for the blue blue sky. I learned a new breathing technique from a friend who practices it every morning. Laughter was plentiful. I saw a cloud shaped like a hand. Thank you, yoga friends!"

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