Playing. Be Active. Laughing. Child.

Playing. Be Active. Laughing. Child.


No kids playing anymore...


“Will our children survive our choice?”


"Tell the children the truth" (Bob Marley)


Beginning of the summer a friend Margaux started a Ultimate Frisbee group to play, because she loved the game and there were apparently others around and enjoying it too and happy to join. I played awful the first time and couldn't wether catch or throw the frisbee, but I played and went through it and felt better after then before.


The group grew, we became friends and shared other things like sitting in the evening in a van at the beach, or offers for skydiving. I kept going and got better again, ran more and felt more connected to the game.


Corona came and none of my old friends came by anymore, even two days before.


I got a hostel group together and Jack, my "Another Tree" tree climbing friend joined and brought another friend. Six players, we've had fun. On the way back, we passed the playground. No kids playing anymore. Just a banner, saying "Caution".


Caution - Playing is dangerous!


Children are our future. But what kind of future do we have with people of fear, who haven't played, who haven't lived real life. Who have spent more time in front of a smartphone than outside in nature, playing with friends.


“After a while the adult person who lives in her head begins to talk to her soul, the kid. “Listen to your monkey mind. Stay weird. Feed your inner kid.” (Laurie)


Children inspire us by everything we miss as adults!


"We did everything adults would do. What went wrong? (Lord of the Flies)


"Creativity, Curiosity, Simplicity, Imagination and Determination are the gifts given to us, when we are childs. Growing up, we give them away in exchange for money, a career and fame, in society. Finding sometimes some small, little pieces back - in a smile, in children playing around, following our desires and dreams and in nature - just to lose them again."


As children we are free of fear, regrets and expectations and full of dreams, activity and trust. The rest of our life we are just trying to find that feeling again! (Peter Pan syndrome)


Inspiration: Peter Pan and Pippi Longstocking and Karlson on the roof

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