Plant a tree - Dear Grandma

Plant a Tree - Dear Grandma


“The best time to plant a tree? Twenty years ago. The second best time? Today.”

(Chinese proverb)


“A Society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.” (Greek proverb)


“There is no wifi in the forest, but I'll promise you, you won't find any place with better connection.”


In my last moments, when the world would collapse, when I would die, I would plant a tree. Martin Luther recommended an apple tree.
“Even if I know that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.”


You can hug him. He gives you food. You can lie in his shade

Song: There is a big tree in my garden - The Stand High Patrol (


Hi Grandma,


greats from New Zealand, from the other side of the world.

It's crazy here, but so it's home.

I hope you are happy. I am. Just sad, that we will not see each other again.

Do you remember when I was a kid?

We played in the garden with the sheep.

You teached me so much, doing so little.

I guess that's the wisdom of life.

We planted an apple tree together. I planned to plant more and more, because this one tree wasn't enough.

I wanted more. I grew up and left to explore the world.

You stayed, watered my tree and gave him love.

You, not me picked the first apple. I wasn't there.


Every birthday you asked me for my wishes. I said, I don't know.I'm good. I had enough money. You just had a bit of savings from your retirement.

In the end you gave me money. I didn't need to.


Grandma, I have a wish now: Can you please plant an apple tree for me? Or maybe even two or three.

Can you take care of them again?

So, if I'm back, I can pick an apple and think about our times.

I ordered 3 trees. I paid. That's the easy part. Planting them is the hard one. Sorry, you have to do it.

It should be me.

I bought old types. They are not beautiful, but they taste good. I bought three trees.

A "Gravensteiner", because you always told me, that's your favourite.

A "Wohlschmecker of Vierlanden" because that's Heimat (home). That's local. That's a tree who will stand where it belongs.

A plum tree, called "Anna Späth" like the second name of my sister (and your mother). For her (my sister).

The "Echte Prinz" - you always called me little prince, was out of order till september.

I hope it's coming back then.

To my friends back home, I'm thinking of you.

Feel free to plant an apple tree, for me, for you, for whatever you love. Feel free to plant it in my garden if you don't have your own.

It's actually not my garden.It's our earth, so home of all of us. It belongs to all of us.

To my friends in the world, open your garden for others and plant an apple tree together.

Planting a tree is an exercise, a meditation not more not less.

It isn't fear but love to go out and plant a tree.

Picking an apple, a fruit from a tree, is shopping from mother earth.



“Carpe Diem! - Seize the day - All time is still afly and this same flower which smiles today tomorrow will be die! ... and we're food for worms.” (Dead's poets society/Robin Williams)


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